🚀Skyrocket your social pictures.

Photo Booster will become your favorite App. It offers a list of features long enough that we could sit here talking about it all day. But, if you're serious about getting likes for your social pictures, you should definitely take a look. 😎

Community driven

We know everything is social and Photo Booster is not an exception, liking other people's pictures you earn coins to promote your most recent ones from Twitter and Tumblr.

Photo Booster does not sell likes, only real users will favourite your pictures so be picky and create campaigns with your best shots!

Filled with potential

This is the only App that allows you to connect with all the main social networks of the moment, share your pictures to a wider audience and be free to create campaigns with your chosen rewards!


2 big networks!

Supports connection to the major social networks including Twitter and Tumblr

Smart Notifications

Receive automatic notifications when your campaigns get completed.

Fully Configurable Campaigns

Choose how many likes and how many coins per like you are willing to reward, it's totally up to you!

We are launching soon! 🎉

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